ILFA Printed Circuit Boards: Dimensions, thicknesses and prepreg fabric style   STANDARD HIGH END (ON REQUEST)
Max. board dimensions 420x570mm on request
Thickness single and double sided (mm) 0.5/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.55/2.0 0.05 to 3.2
Tolerance single and double sided acc. IPC 4101 Cl. B/L acc. IPC 4101 Cl. C/M, more on request
Thickness multilayer 0.3 - 4.2mm on request
Tolerance multilayer (thickness ≥1.0mm) ± 10% on request
(thickness <1.0mm) ± 0.1mm on request
Prepreg (fabric style) 106/1080/2113/2116/7628 on request
ILFA copper thickness
On inner layer (µm) 17/35 5/9/12/70/105/210/300/400/500
On outer layer (µm) 17/35/70/105 on request
In via-hole (µm) ≥25µm on request
In blind vias (µm) >150µm end-Ø acc. IPC 6012 on request
In micro vias (µm) ≤150µm end-Ø acc. IPC 6012 on request
ILFA finish
Solder mask type Lackwerke Peters 2467 (green) blue, red, black, white, transparent
coverlay DuPont Pyralux FR DuPont Pyralux LF, more on request
Solder mask thickness on conductor edge (µm) minimum 5
on track (µm) 5 to 40
on base material (µm) 10 to 55
Legend print inkjet print Taiyo IJR-4000 (white)
screen printing, wet film resist not applicable yellow, black, white
Final surface ENIG (electroless Ni/Au), HAL lead and lead-free, immersion Sn, OSP (Glicoat SMD F2) ENIG with TRG (electroless Ni/Au semi reductive), ENEPIG (electroless Ni/Pd/Au), immersion Ag, galv. Ni/Au (partial), galv. connector gold, carbon conductive print, heat sink print, peelable soldermask on request
ILFA design basics
Conductor width min. (µm) at copper thickness [µm] 75 [17], 125 [35], 150 [70] 50 [17], 75 [35], 130 [70], 400 [210]
Conductor spacing min. (µm) at copper thickness [µm] 75 [17], 125 [35], 150 [70] 60 [17], 85 [35], 140 [70], 400 [210]
Circular annular ring to end-Ø inner layer (µm) ≥150 on request
Circular annular ring to end-Ø outer layer (µm) ≥150 on request
Min. fillet width (µm) on copper 80
on basic material 80
Line width legend print (µm) 80
ILFA drilling and routing technique
Smallest end-Ø (mm) mechanical 0.100 on request
laser 0.050 on request
Aspect ratio (drilling -Ø to PCB-thickness) via-hole ≥ 1 : 8 on request
blind via ≥ 1 : 1 on request
Tolerance end-Ø (mm) DK +0.10/-0.05 on request
NDK ±0.05 on request
Tolerance routed contour (mm) ±0.20 on request
ILFA positioning accuracy
Outline (routed) to drilling pattern (mm) ±0.200 on request
Outline (routed) to image pattern (mm) ±0.200 on request
V-cut outline to image pattern (mm) ±0.200
Hole to hole - common clamping (mm) ±0.050
Drilling (NPTH) 2nd clamping (mm) ±0.200
Drilling pattern (PTH) to image pattern (mm) ±0.050 on request
Drilling pattern (NPTH) to image pattern (mm) ±0.200 on request
Image pattern to solder resist (mm) ±0.050 on request
Min. V-cut fillet ±0.100
Warp / twist symmetrical ML 1 ≤0.75% on request
asymmetrical ML on request on request
ILFA certificates and guidelines
DIN ISO EN 9001:2008 certified compliance to IPC 6010-Series
DIN ISO EN 14001:2009 certified compliance to IPC A-600
DIN ISO EN 50001:2011 certified compliance to IPC QL-653
UL-Recognized US/Canada file no.: E132781 certified compliance to IPC SM-840
Certified IPC member no.: 1292020 conflict-free sourcing initiative CMRT on request
RoHS-conform 2
1 Standard for THM-Circuit boards according to IPC 6012: ≤ 1.5%
2 Not for final surface HAL lead plated VERSION: ILFA TC 1

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