ILFA Printed Circuit Boards: Dimensions, thicknesses and prepreg fabric style STANDARDHIGH END (ON REQUEST)
Max. board dimensions420x570mmon request
Thickness single and double sided (mm)0.5/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.55/2.00.05 to 3.2
Tolerance single and double sidedacc. IPC 4101 Cl. B/Lacc. IPC 4101 Cl. C/M, more on request
Thickness multilayer0.3 - 4.2mmon request
Tolerance multilayer(thickness ≥1.0mm)± 10%on request
(thickness <1.0mm)± 0.1mmon request
Prepreg (fabric style)106/1080/2113/2116/7628on request
ILFA copper thickness
On inner layer (µm)17/355/9/12/70/105/210/300/400/500
On outer layer (µm)17/35/70/105on request
In via-hole (µm)≥20µmon request
In blind vias (µm)>150µm end-Øacc. IPC 6012on request
In micro vias (µm)≤150µm end-Øacc. IPC 6012on request
ILFA finish
Solder masktypeLackwerke Peters 2467 (green)blue, red, black, white, transparent
coverlayDuPont Pyralux FRDuPont Pyralux LF, more on request
Solder mask thicknesson conductor edge (µm)minimum 5
on track (µm)5 to 40
on base material (µm)10 to 55
Legend printinkjet printTaiyo IJR-4000 (white)
screen printing, wet film resistnot applicableyellow, black, white
Final surfaceENIG (electroless Ni/Au), HAL lead and lead-free, immersion Sn, OSP (Glicoat SMD F2) ENIG with TRG (electroless Ni/Au semi reductive), ENEPIG (electroless Ni/Pd/Au), immersion Ag, galv. Ni/Au (partial), galv. connector gold, carbon conductive print, heat sink print, peelable soldermaskon request
ILFA design basics
Conductor width min. (µm) at copper thickness [µm]75 [17], 125 [35], 150 [70]50 [17], 75 [35], 130 [70], 400 [210]
Conductor spacing min. (µm) at copper thickness [µm]75 [17], 125 [35], 150 [70]60 [17], 85 [35], 140 [70], 400 [210]
Circular annular ring to end-Ø inner layer (µm) ≥150on request
Circular annular ring to end-Ø outer layer (µm)≥150on request
Min. fillet width (µm)on copper80 (depending on copper thickness)
on basic material80 (depending on copper thickness)
Line width legend print (µm)80
ILFA drilling and routing technique
Smallest end-Ø (mm)mechanical0.100on request
laser0.050on request
Aspect ratio (drilling -Ø to PCB-thickness)via-hole≥ 1 : 8on request
blind via≥ 1 : 1on request
Tolerance end-Ø (mm)DK+0.10/-0.05on request
NDK±0.05on request
Tolerance routed contour (mm)±0.20on request
ILFA positioning accuracy
Outline (routed) to drilling pattern (mm)±0.200on request
Outline (routed) to image pattern (mm)±0.200on request
V-cut outline to image pattern (mm)±0.200
Hole to hole - common clamping (mm)±0.050
Drilling (NPTH) 2nd clamping (mm)±0.200
Drilling pattern (PTH) to image pattern (mm)±0.050on request
Drilling pattern (NPTH) to image pattern (mm)±0.200on request
Image pattern to solder resist (mm)±0.050on request
Min. V-cut fillet±0.100
Warp / twistsymmetrical ML 1≤0.75%on request
asymmetrical MLon requeston request
ILFA certificates and guidelines
DIN ISO EN 9001:2008certified compliance to IPC 6010-Series
DIN ISO EN 14001:2009certified compliance to IPC A-600
UL-Recognized US/Canadafile no.: E132781certified compliance to IPC SM-840
Certified IPC memberno.: 1292020conflict-free sourcing initiativeCMRT on request
RoHS-conform 2
1 Standard for THM-Circuit boards according to IPC 6012: ≤ 1.5%
2 Not for final surface HAL lead platedVERSION: ILFA TC 1

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