The project EmPower is supported by ILFA and seven other European companies and research institutions in order to develop new technology for electrical vehicles.

This project is powered by a consortium of partners from Germany, France and Austria as well as a supporting partner from Italy. The Project focuses on the optimized use of generated energy and specifically the increasing “electrification” of daily life and poses significant challenges to the current methods and concepts for delivering power to point-of-use.

„It is great that ILFA supports the EU Project EmPower, which not only has the side effect of developing own technologies and generating know how, but also contributing directly to the development of efficient and sustainable generated energy for a new generation of electric vehicles,” stated Johannes Blum with excitement.

ILFA Johannes Blum_F_E1

The innovative character of this packaging concept lies on the idea to embed the power drive components (IGBTs, MOSFETs, diode) as thinned chips into glass fiber reinforced epoxy-resin layer built-up and thereby to realize large-area interconnections to form a conductor structure with lowest possible electrical impedance and to achieve an optimum heat removal. Furthermore, the EmPower project pursues a cost effective and optimized thermal management concept by embedding the power semiconductors in a module that offers heat removal on both sides over the shortest possible heat conduction paths.

Further Information of the complete Project, the detailed working fields as well as Technology Details and publications can be found here.

Areas the project partners work on:

ILFA empower Project electric vehicles5

BLDC Motor Controll with power module

DC/AC Inverter