The essential purpose of the circuit board is the electrical connection of defined component terminals with common potential and the reliable insulation of different electric potentials. Which component terminals are connected, is described in the netlist of the assembly. If we receive your manufacturing data without a netlist, we create a netlist from our CAM data on our own and perform the electrical test on this basis.

For the in-circuit test, we use Flying Probe Testers. These units feature movable, numerically controlled probes. The probes approach and contact defined checkpoints on the top and bottom of the board. The test program in this case is the virtual test adapter, which makes it possible to perform both, short-circuit test and connection test with previously set Parameters.

In the test report we document the test conditions (test voltage and resistance thresholds) and the pass of electrical inspection. So you can see at any time which employee tested the circuit boards on which testing equipment and how many of the tested circuit boards passed.