Survival Run

On the 09.09.2017 nine proud ILFA Runners ran the 8th Survival Run in the Serengeti Park Hodenhagen.

The nine gathered under a dark rainy sky shivering from the cold and fright for the upcoming challenge. They all were a little worried. Had one trained enough? Was the will strong enough? But shortly after the starting signal their faces shone and euphoria spread. Times creeping, jumping or swimming they defeated every obstacle that positioned itself in front of them. Mud holes, slippery trunks or an ice-cold lake could not break their iron will! As a team the participants mastered every obstacle and finished the run hand in hand.

It was a happy event and all runners were proud of their achievement. Now we just have to wait for the next year when the starting signal sounds again for the Survival run No. 9.

Mr Behrendt

Mr Gombert

Ms Mechler

Mr Blum

Mr Seifert

Mr Göhlich

Ms Noll

Mr Hasselbring

Mr Cramer