Survival Run

On the 08 Sept. 2018 it was time again. Nine brave ILFA colleagues participated in the 9th Survival Run in the Serengeti Park.

Represented were a few old hands, who could already gain experience in the previous year. This year they wanted to set a new standard and master the 8 km in less than 60 min.

There were exciting obstacles waiting for them, where they had to demand everything from their bodies. Mud, dust and water stood in their way to wear them down and bring them to their knees. But through experience and ambition they mastered every obstacle. They swam through a lake, fought their way out of mud pits and conquered the "Giant".

But the newcomers to the survival run proved courage and did not be intimidated. Spurred on and full of adrenaline, they fought their way through the Parkour and were in no way inferior to their colleagues.

After a difficult run the running troupe was celebrating and proudly drank their 0.0% beer.

Once again, ILFA has managed to master the Suvival Run and they are already looking forward to the coming year, where the Survival Run celebrates its 10th anniversary event. We will be back.