On June 14, 2018, a workshop on "SMD Component Embedding in PCBs" took place at Fraunhofer IZM in Berlin. In this, the approximately 20 participants were informed in detail about the current state of the art in the embedding of SMD components and beyond. The lecturers Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ostmann, Lars Böttcher and David Schütze from Fraunhofer IZM also took a detailed look at the numerous questions and discussions of the interested professional visitors.

ILFA, represented by Mr. Blum, was able to join the series of lecturers with the presentation "SMD-Embedding in the Industrial Environment". Mr. Blum, who is responsible for the R&D Projects at ILFA, discussed various technological solutions and Design rules as well as common business concepts in the market and costs.

ILFA has been dealing with the subject of embedding for many years and is active in this segment for numerous R&D institutes as well as well-known high-tech companies and their development departments.

The speakers from left to right: Dr.-Ing. Andreas Ostmann (Fraunhofer IZM), Johannes Blum (ILFA), David Schütze (Fraunhofer IZM) and Lars Böttcher (Fraunhofer IZM)