ILFA design rules for rigid-flex PCBs
General design rules
Max. PCB dimensions390x570mmOn request
Thickness multilayerA0.8 - 4.2mmOn request
Metallized holes (details refer to the diameter of the drilling tool)
Through hole 1Aspect ratio 1:8, minimum Ø 100 µmAspect ratio 1:10, minimum Ø 100 µm
Through hole, Buried Via, Blind Via plugged and capped ¹2Aspect ratio 1:8, minimum Ø 150 µmAspect ratio 1:10, minimum Ø 100 µm
Standard microvia
Copperfill on inner layer/ outer layer optional3Aspect ratio 1:1, minimum Ø 125 µmAspect ratio 1:1, minimum Ø 80 µm
Embedded components² ³ (a BOM and a Pick&Place-List of all embedded components is nessesary)
Distance component pad and via padB≥ 500 µmOn request
Distance component to component (not within group)C≥ 700 µmOn request
Distance component group to component or groupMaximum component tolerance is always to be usedD≥ 1mm≥ 700 µm
Distance components on different layersE≥ 2 mm
On request
Component heightBased on end- ØF≤ 1,6 mm≤ 2,5 mm
Space component and next layerG≥ 250 µm
On request
Distance component and board outlineH≥ 500 µmOn request
Conductive pattern
Trace width on inner & outer layers (µm)Depending on copper thicknessIWithout plugging ≥75 with plugging ≥100
Without plugging ≥50 with plugging ≥75
Conductor spacing on inner & outer layers (µm)Depending on copper thicknessJWithout plugging ≥75 with plugging ≥100Without plugging ≥50 with plugging ≥75
¹Plugging is possible from a circuit board thickness of ≥0.3 mm excl. copper thickness. PCBs with external, flexible base materials, or materials without glass fabric cannot be plugged.
² Components have be robust enough to sustain the embedding process.
³It is recommended to use IPC 7351B lmc (least material condition) = smallest possible pads or even better proportional landpattern design.
A component group can be defined if the distance to the next components is < 700 µm. Each component of the group must face at least one outline of the cut out.
Pregregs and cores will be cut out for the components. The clearance to the component is minimum 150 µm. The outline of the cut out will be defined by ILFA.
Furthermore, all ILFA design rules apply to multilayers.VERSION: ILFA DE 1

Download ILFA Designregeln Embedding.